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  • PUBLIC NOTICE: Open Records Requests

    Effective April 3, 2015, the maximum hourly rate for research and retrieval of public records will become $30 for CDPS agencies, per provisions of the Colorado Open Records Act, as amended by the General Assembly in 2014. Also, per provisions of CORA, the first hour of time associated with research and retrieval of public records among CDPS agencies will be provided at no cost. For questions about CDPS CORA policies, please contact the office of the Executive Director.


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    If you have not yet obtained your Colorado driver’s license, please use the link to the left to reach the DMV in the Colorado Department of Revenue for information about driver licensing. CDPS does not handle driver licensing matters.


    Similarly, if you have questions about your driver’s license, please use the link to the DMV. The DMV is not an office of the Department of Public Safety. It is part of the Department of Revenue.


    For Information About Highway Travel Conditions (including construction projects):



A note about the photograph appearing at the top of this web page

The photograph was taken by Russ Shugart, a long-time member of CDPS. Photographing Colorado’s dramatic scenery is his passion. The photograph above is the result of five years’ worth of his revisiting the same location for just the right shot. It was taken off County Road 7 west of Ridgway, Colorado, near the Dallas Divide, on a day in October. For more information about his photography, contact the CDPS Public Information Officer at